Color Run 5k

IMG_3363.JPGI had such fun on Saturday with Tiffany, my brothers wife. We ran her first official 5k at the Color Run in Cincinnati. It was a glorified “Mom Getaway” for sure. Tiffany packed us up with a Costco size trail mix, baby wipes, towels and a cooler of water.

We arrived an hour early and took in the scenery of the waterfront from the walking path and swings.

We got in the race shute at a quarter till nine and waited thru quite a few waves for our turn to go.

We were off and running and covered in green colored corn starch within minutes. A few more turns and we passed mile one. Finally warmed up, we took a jog thru mile two with purple and pink. After an underground tunnel jaunt we passed thru mile three and yellow. The race finished with a run thru a giant bubble blower and a finish line party. The DJ dropped the beat a few times and Color went flying, that was the best way to get covered in color and end the experience.

We exited thru the high powered air  blower to relieve ourselves of the cornstarch before heading to the car.

A succuessful morning for sure!



Meet me in the middle!

Chagrin Falls, Ohio is 3 hours and 25 minutes from my house. It also is 3 hours and 12 minutes from Holly's house, making it as in the middle as we can possibly get!

So we went…..TODAY!

It was awesome!

With plenty of green space, shopping and even a delightful meadow and wooded area to walk thru, this charming town had everything we needed to enjoy ourselves.

We started at the grocery store (excellent restrooms, I thank you!) and walked our picnic across the street to the falls. We arrived at a picnic table at the same time a larger group did but they had mercy on us for carrying two heavy coolers and relinquished the table to us. Whew! Thank you kind travelers! We ate our picnic by the water and marveled at all the hanging basket overflowing with pink petunias.

We then visited the grocery store again (ahem) and then made our way by car to Froming Meadows. It was delightfully full of coneflower, black eyed Susan's and countless other wildflowers all the while the blue sky and white clouds and 70 degree temperature provided a perfect backdrop.

After our easy 3 mile hike, I got us turned around in the car and Holly had to navigate us back to town. I'm pretty sure we stopped at the grocery store again, this time to change clothes, and Holly began to feel guilty for not buying anything from this charming little chain! We walked the shops in town and found a great destination called "Hedges". I seriously pondered an Alex and Ani bracelet but decided that it was better left as a future gift idea. The place also had many pineapple themed items, but Holly was completely self controlled and didn't purchase a single souvenir this trip.

We finished up our tour of the town with a few samplings from Jeni's icecream and two subs to go from "Daves".

One of us is usually misty eyed when we're leaving, we take turns it seems. Meeting in the middle has given us much more quality time this year, why didn't we think of this before?


It was a delightful week spent in northern Michigan. As you may recall in 2015, on a last minute trip, my friends and I landed ourselves at LeBear Resort in Glen Arbor. This time I traveled with my husband and child and stayed in nearby Maple City.

Of course a walk by the place that started my love affair was in order. She doesn’t give away what’s inside from the outside, that’s all I’ll say. (Photo left, 2017 and photo right 2015)

The drive thru the Sleeping Bear Dunes scenic route was beautiful again. Our little camper wasn’t super happy.

We dipped our toes in Lake Michigan and found it to be very cold, but did it over and over anyway. We found the quiet beaches and the beautiful bays of Leland’s Lake Leelanau and Northport’s Christmas Cove.

In a directional error we even drove thru the tiny town of Omena and Suttons Bay. Score! We spent an afternoon in Traverse City and particularly enjoyed a shop that was run by the most delightful lady. We talked a while about this and that and she gave us a great tip about the Cherry Republic’s ball pit and the splash pad by the bay. Those were both a hit and how spent the majority of our day there. We also picked up a great wooden top from her store.

Speaking of cherries, Glen Arbor has a beautiful Cherry Republic. It’s great to walk around while enjoying their generous samples of cherry wine, soda, candy, dips, salsas and ice cream! We wrapped up our vacation with friends on our way home. It was a delight! Later M-22. Till next time.

Last photo of 32

IMG_2728Goodbye 32, I wasn’t good to you.

I didn’t walk, I didn’t run, I ate bad food and gained a ton.

Goodbye 32, I learned so much from you.

How to sacrifice, how to push through, how to be a mother and a wife too.


Hello 33, I will be seeing you tomorrow, we’ll have cake, I’ll make a wish and then I’ll give my baby girl a kiss.

She won’t care or really know how hard the year past has been, but she will see that at 33 her mommy will find herself again.

Hello…it’s me.

IMG_2570.JPGI cannot believe how long it’s been since I have blogged. Since having my first child, blogging has become an activity of the past. A year and a half in, she finally naps more than 45 minutes and I find myself with some time to sit and peruse online. Hello world, it’s me, we meet again.

Cheers to ZebraGirl Boutique


ZebraGirl Boutique shop owner and mastermind, Natasha Scherief (pictured left) with her long time fashionista friend and co-operator Jenny McIntosh (JennyLou Photography) are set to bedazzle you with the latest and greatest clothes and accessories in Centerville, Ohio.

First impressions….These two women will make you feel like their best pal. You need not stress if your bestie couldn’t shop with you! Forging their relationship at a retail store years ago, Natasha and Jenny have crafted that unique ability to pull together a perfect look just for you. What’s more is that it won’t cost the rent to make it happen. Featuring many items at just $25, you can afford to grab that extra tunic or scarf. Needing a splurge? They also carry luxurious leather handbags and boots. You can have your cake and eat it too….in fact on Saturday, there usually is cake or something to fix that sweet tooth you worked up while shopping!

Shop Small, Shop Local!
When you shop at ZebraGirl you can feel good about supporting a local business that promotes camaraderie within the community. Check out their Facebook page and you will find giveaways including gift certificates to other local merchants such as Far Hills Florist, Sweeney’s Seafood and The Chop House. Natasha features local vendors like Sarabella James handbags, as well as many other small outfitters, which allows us gals the opportunity to nab one of a kind creations. You may have seen The Home T around town, grab one while at ZebraGirl, the proceeds go to MS research.

Come see this fun, loving and beautiful shopping destination:

ZebraGirl Boutique
63 West Franklin St
Centerville, OH 45459

Open Wednesday thru Saturday
Find them on Facebook for special hours and fashion arrivals

“FREE” to a toxic home

I have been on the “green” wagon for a while. Slowly, I have been educating myself and then implementing better alternatives to everything from hand soap, toothpaste and deodorant.

But why?

I don’t know that I could have explained it fully before today, but after attending my first “Non-Toxic” party by Ava Anderson, I can.

They are called endocrine disruptors. These are the chemicals that most concern me, and they are legally being used in many of our common household products. Using ONE isn’t a big deal, but they have a multiplying impact, so using them many times a day, every day of the year…it’s concerning.

The endocrine system regulates ALL biological processes in the body: development of the brain and nervous system, growth and function of the reproduction system, metabolism and blood sugar levels, ovaries, testes, pituitary, thyroid and adrenal glands. (Natural News) Small amounts matter, especially to the developing fetus.

After checking my products against an easy to use, read and understand list from Ava Anderson, I found some MORE guilty offenders that I did not want to continue to harm my body and my future (and currently non-existent) children.

Fragrance or parfum, parabens, triclosan, oxy benzine, octinoxate, petroleum, PEG’s, sodium lauryl (laureth) sulfate, ingredients ending in “eth”, retinyl palmitate, nano particles, aluminum (check your deodorant please!!), formaldehyde releases such as diszolidinyl urea, DMDM hydantoin, quatrrnium, synthetic colors and dyes, glycols, mineral oil, talc and siloxanes.

It’s hard and overwhelming to change everything on your body and in your house, and I don’t recommend trying to do it overnight. Some good advice I received was to change the things you use the most frequently first, and then keep changing over time, one grocery trip at a time.

I’m hosting an Ava Anderson non toxic party on October 30 and November 14, starts at 7pm! Anyone with skin is welcome! If you just come and hear the info and take their handy pamphlet with you the next time you shop, I would be so happy for you and your family! Absolutely no pressure to buy anything!
Bye-bye to these guys!